Be Thankful

This year has been a crazy year for so many of us, yet here we find ourselves almost in November. When I think of November I think of Thanksgiving and all that good food we get to eat. Thanksgiving is a time when we think about all the things that we can and should be thankful for. Unfortunately we don’t do that often enough (spend time truly being thankful). Did you know that there are many health benefits to being thankful? Scientists have found that people who are thankful have improved mental and physical side effects. They found that thankful people actually have fewer aches and pains as well as sleep better (and who doesn’t want to sleep better). They also found that being thankful improves mental strength and improves self-esteem. So there are many reasons for being thankful even when life gets tough, because if we are Christians we know that even in the tough times God is still there with us. Psalm 107:1- Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! God’s steadfast love is something that we can be thankful for even when times get tough. I encourage you to take some time today and spend it thanking the Lord for His love and for all that He has done for you.

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